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Watch the Skies (Short. 2013)

LOGLINE: A jaded college student plunges headfirst into a dangerous investigation against a greedy multinational tech corporation to uncover the truth behind his father’s mysterious disappearance nearly 10 years ago.
GENRE: Thriller / Sci-Fi / Drama
AWARDS: Official Selection "Waco Independent Media Expo" | Official Selection " Weekend Shortlist"
PRODUCERS: JP Gregoriew, Robert Nichols, and Brian Elliott
SCREENPLAY BY: Ben Davis, Tyler Hiott, and Jon Kirby

The short acts as a teaser for a feature screenplay that is currently in development. For more information or if you’re interested in financing the feature please contact us.

Co-Production with Stump Film Company

American Cliche (Feature)

LOGLINE:  The fearless and charming David Bennett, and his band of renegade misfits, face off against the unknown future on their last night of high school.
GENRE: Drama/ Comedy/ Coming of Age
PRODUCERS: JP Gregoriew, Robert Nichols, Brian Scott Hunt, Brennan Lane, Cole Timms (Assoc) and Lila Flores (Line).
SCREENPLAY BY: Ben Davis and Tyler Hiott

Co-Production with Stump Film Company

A Savior Red (Feature. 2010)

LOGLINE:  Five amateur drug-dealers find themselves in a world of trouble after agreeing to sell a very deadly new drug.
GENRE: Thriller/ Horror/ Suspense
AWARDS: "Official Selection Austin Film Festival", "Best Narrative Feature Boomtown Film Festival", "Official Selection Lonestar Film Festival"

DIRECTOR: Brian Scott Hunt
PRODUCERS: JP Gregoriew, Marti Schaffer, and Robert Nichols (line)
SCREENPLAY BY: Brian Scott Hunt

Co-production with Legacy Films

Just Noise (TV. In Development)

LOGLINE:  After sudden liver failure, a rueful 65 year old corporate millionaire reflects on his rock and roll heydays as his eccentric former band mate urges him to throw everything away and charge after their long lost dream of “making it” with their remaining years. 
GENRE: Drama/ Period Piece
WRITERS: Ben Davis, Cole Timms, and Tyler Hiott
PRODUCERS: JP Gregoriew and Mark Zwartynski

 If you're interested in reading the Season One Overview or financing the pilot/series contact us.

Co-production with Stump Film Company and 44 Uprising